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"Farewell, my friend! Perhaps if you can vanquish Cacophony, you might yet escape from THE VAULTS OF BLACKROCK CASTLE!"
The treacherous thaumaturge's final words still echo in your mind. Who knows what horrors lurk beneath the forbidden keep on that barren rock from which no man has returned in nigh a hundred years? How did you come to be trapped here, alone, fogged of mind and bereft of all but your sword? How can you go on?
You must go on.

THE VAULTS OF BLACKROCK CASTLE is a roguelike produced for the 7drl Challenge 2019.


Use the arrow keys or WASD to move, and I to open your inventory. Press space to pick up items, or wait a turn.


blackrock-1.0-win.zip 2 MB
blackrock-1.0-linux.tar.gz 3 MB

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